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The Squires Band References

Check out more of our references below.


Wedding Dance — Chad & Chris

This was it, we had finally decided to get married and wow did we not know what we were getting into. Every facet of our wedding was thought through; we wanted everything perfect as long as it was in our budget. We wanted to have a wedding that was representative of us something where everyone would feel welcome, something that was both beautiful and solemn but at the same time lively and comical; I guess we think quite a bit of ourselves.

We come from rural America; fortunately we have also made friends in Minneapolis, Chicago and other metropolitan areas across the country. Our friends are as young as 21 and our family as old as 92 with of course children and the like thrown all in the mix. When it came time to pick the entertainment we were highly selective, we contacted at least 30 bands, having phone interviews with 5 of them and hearing 3 of them play; now picture being married to me…

After selecting the Squires we were somewhat nervous, some of our friends go to techno clubs every week while others love Johnny Cash we had a melting pot of tastes. We should not have worried at all; the Squires blew the doors off the place. Everyone and I mean everyone stayed until the last song was played, I think only my 80 some year old adopted Grandmother and one guy who celebrated a little too much left before the show was over. I cannot count how many people who said this was the best wedding they had ever been to and while I’d like to think we had something to do with it; it was almost entirely because of the Squires. They played everything we asked them to and didn’t play what we asked them to avoid, they kept the crowd on the dance floor and on their feet, they kept everyone there (we still had 130+ people there at the end of the night which I think is unheard of) our friends that had planned to leave stayed and most importantly they let me do my Johnny Cash impersonation. Everyone still talks about the Squires; my aunt and uncle thanked me for having entertainment that they could enjoy too, I don’t think they had danced since the Nixon administration. They are truly worth every dime and then some. If I ever had an event where I could have any entertainment I would book them as soon as I could. If you are thinking of having a band for your wedding and you’re a group that likes to have fun then don’t bother calling 30 bands like I did, just book this one.

Guys thanks again for playing at our wedding, we loved it, people still talk about it and we are coming to see you play on New Years Eve.

Wedding - 9/08 - Peter and Clare

The Squires did a wonderful performance at our wedding dance. Everything went better than planned. They were wonderful at communicating the whole planning process. They surpassed all of our high expectations. Thanks again to The Squires!

Wedding - 10/08 - Joe and Andrea

The Squires Band is the best. They are the true definition of the word "professional"! Need them to show up to your event mid-afternoon on a workday? -They show up early! Ask them to provide the sound system to your ceremony? -They happily agree! Something unusual comes up (no plug or extension cord capable outdoor wedding ceremony site)? -They think outside the box and make it work (brought their own quiet outdoor generator to power the sound system)! Whether you have two people or two hundrend on the dance floor, they make it fun for everyone!

What more can I say about these guys? No matter what curveballs that myself and my wife threw at them, they kept on hitting h omeruns! Did I also mention that they are easy to communicate with and are completely stress and hassle free!?! Do yourself a favor and book the The Squires. We are eternally greatful that we did!

Thank you Squires Band!!!
Joe and Andrea

Wedding — Eric and Diane — Faribault, MN

Having attended quite a few wedding dances where there was no dancing and everyone was gone by 10:00 PM, my fiance and I knew what we didn't want. Finding a band that would play a mix of old time and rock and roll seemed like it would be a challenge. We found The Squires online and arranged a meeting where we could hear them play in front of an audience. I was sold after that. They kept the dance floor busy the entire time we were there. We found The Squires professional and accommodating in the planning stages and were kept abreast of developments within the band in the months leading up to our wedding. It was one detail I didn’t have to think twice about.

The wedding dance was wonderful! We still hear comments about how much fun people had, young and old alike. The Squires were true to their word and kept our guests entertained and out of their seats. Their performance exceeded my expectations. When the lights came on at the end of the evening I was surprised at how many guests had stayed the entire time.

I would enthusiastically recommend The Squires for an upcoming event. They're able to read the energy of the crowd and play to it. Not only does the band provide a good time for the crowd but you can see they're having fun as well. The Squires offer such a wide variety of music that they are able to play to an audience with a broad age range and not alienate one group to play a certain type of music. Everyone stays included and feels part of the dance. I have nothing but compliments to say about The Squires.

Wedding Dance — Tanya and Kris

Well I just thought I would let you know........You guys were Great!!! Our families loved the dance and music! My mom said today that she has never been to such a good wedding dance before! You were perfect for us and our families to enjoy! We will be sure to pass your name around to our friends for their parties as well! Thank you sooo much!!

Jeremy and Erica Wedding

The Squires were a big hit at our wedding and we really couldn’t have asked for it to be any better. Since a large part of our life together is music, we knew that a band was a requirement at our wedding reception. While looking for bands, I contacted them through the Citypages band search website. My wife and I both live in Chicago and were planning a wedding to take place in St. Paul. For this reason, we had never had the chance to meet the band in person before the big day. All of our contact was through the Internet including booking, contract, and song selection discussion. We were most impressed at how accommodating they were. All of the planning with the band was extremely easy and convenient, making one aspect of wedding planning a little less stressful.

Some family and friends expressed doubt when we told them that we had booked a band known for playing polkas, but it didn’t take long once the dance/New Year’s Eve party began for everyone to agree that it was a great choice. The age of our guests range from small children to grandparents with most of our friends being in their mid-20’s. Once the band started to play, everyone danced the whole night. I’ve been to receptions where the DJ struggles to get people on the dance floor, but everyone loved the Squires. Everything worked out great. They took breaks which afforded all our guests the opportunity to sit, talk, eat, and drink. When the band started again, everyone was back on the dance floor. The Squires played a good mix of songs from polkas, classic rock, Motown, and our favorite Johnny Cash. The Squires offered a more personal touch, I think, than a DJ provides; even allowing a couple of family and friends to perform with them. All around, the Squires were a great choice and made for an entertaining party. I would not hesitate to use the Squires again and would recommend them to anyone looking for music for any occasion.

Wedding — Timothy and Candyce

The Squires Band played for our wedding reception at the Courtyards of Andover on Friday May 21st, 2004. I have never had as much fun as I did that night. The band began an amazing energy in the room that continued even after the music ended. I have never seen my relatives have as much fun or dance as much as they did my entire life. People were dancing from the very beginning and rarely sat down. You had a great combination of music that involved everyone from the young children to the grandparents. The band was extremely professional and friendly. The band set up their equipment very efficiently and non distracting to the rest of the reception. There was not a song played that anyone did not like. Besides being great musicians, taking requests, and playing while the groom and family members came out with their singing debuts, you were great guys to work with. The Squires truly love to play and are fun individuals. We are still receiving compliments from our friends and family. One couple was so impressed they have decided to use the Squires for their reception next spring. We would be more than pleased to recommend the Squires for any event in the future. We could never thank you enough for making a memorable and spectacular night. Thank you Squires.

Wedding — Anne and John

My husband and I met at a venue where the Squires were playing that night. We had so much fun dancing and listening to the band, we just had to have them perform at our wedding reception. The guys were great to work with, and in addition to singing all of our requests; they read the crowd and played the music that kept the dance floor bustling all night long. Our reception was held at a German restaurant, so the polka and waltzes fit right into the theme of the night.

Special Occasions

50th Anniversary Party — Mendota Heights, MN

To the Squires Band: Thanks again for your great playing at our parents' 50th anniversary party - they're still talking about it! We didn't know if people would want to dance, or just talk (you know how anniversary parties go), but you guys packed the dance floor many times and everyone loved it. I particularly enjoyed hearing from the many people who knew the Squires from your cable TV appearances on Channel 6 - Polka Spotlight Around The World. Again, thanks, terrific job!

Order of the Forresters Christmas Parties

We love the Squires! They have played for our Christmas parties for the past 10 years or so and always are great! They go with the flow of the crowd! Our group loves the way they interact with us while they play. They always try to get everyone on their feet to dance!!

Corporate Events

Cable TV Show — Polka Spotlight Around The World — Viewers

Dear WONDERFUL Squires,

You each are so very SUPER! I just want you to know how much so many people appreciate your musical contribution! You do so well! You're great music reaches the feelings of many people - especially the elderly. We hope and pray that you can continue to use your beautiful talents to reach the hearts and minds of so many people. We love it immensely. We watch for your appearance on the cable TV show each week and love it! Our prayer is that God will continue to guide and bless you. Many many graces and blessings be in store for you and your loved ones.

Welcome Back Give Back Fund Raiser at O’Gara’s Bar — Chris and Jenny

Last fall we put on a fund raiser to raise money and awareness for victims of domestic abuse. This issue was very important to us since our close friend was unfortunately affected by this important issue. Among the many great activities of the night was the main attraction, The Squires Band.

I was so impressed by how easy it was working with The Squires Band from the minute we set the date of the event all the way through their last song of the evening. They were in contact with us leading up to the event, showed up on time and were very flexible with their vast song list. They played all the song that we wanted to hear and they were great! It was a great mix of classic rock and roll and polka to appeal to all ages, Oh and what an outstanding drummer!

I would definitely recommend The Squires Band for any occasion. Thanks again guys, we are so happy that you could play a huge role in our very special night.

Community Events

Beldenville Classic Car Fair — Ellsworth, WI

The Squires have played for our annual Beldenville Classic Car Fair in Ellsworth Wisconsin since 2003 and we plan on having them back in 2007 for our 30th Anniversary of this fair! They are VERY easy to work with and play a great variety of music that all ages seem to enjoy. We love their 60's car songs they play! Fit right in with many of our classic car owners!! We never need to worry about The Squires Band showing up either! They are dependable and great musicians as well! That means a lot to our group!!

2008 Washington County Fair Referral

The Squires Band is a wonderful group that is very easy to work with. Our fair goers enjoy their wide range of music styles.

Elizabeth Dietsche, Entertainment Coordinator \
Washington County Agriculture Society

Knights of Columbus — Stillwater, MN

We have had The Squires play for our Mid Winter Dance for over 20 years and they are great! They play music that the crowd likes and have such a wide variety of music that everyone in our group is very happy! They also have much fun doing what they do and show it with their smiles and interaction with the crowd. As they say; "Classic Rock to Classic Polkas" and everything in between....and they CERTAINLY do that!


4 Years of Having The Squires for Neighborhood Oktoberfest — Craig and Amy, Eden Prairie, MN

They are a great band...they know a lot of variety and know how to stay involved with the crowd. They play the music that the crowd likes and stay with that! Each year more people are coming to our party and that’s mostly due to the great response of having The Squires Band play for our function. I have had them come and play at our neighborhood Oktoberfest for the past 3 years and they are always a lot of fun and life of the party!! We are having another party this year and are looking forward to having the guys back again for our neighborhood get together. Hoy-Hoy-Hoy!!

St. Anthony Main Oktoberfest - Oompah, Polka & Party at Oktoberfest

We booked The Squires for the past 3 years and have enjoyed their high energy and fun music each year! They always get the crowd into the music and sing along with them. People are expecting to see them each year now. The band is very easy to work with and schedule times to play at our event. Makes my job much easier and they are a great value too!

Sara Collins - Event Coordinator

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